The CIPD differentiates between the two development activates as follows:

Coaching as ‘developing a person’s skills and knowledge so that their job performance improves, hopefully leading to the achievement of organizational objectives” versus

Mentoring as describing “a relationship in which a more experienced colleague used their greater knowledge and understanding of the work or workplace to support the development of a more junior or inexperienced member of staff.”

Taking this difference at heart, we thrive to support clients to apply and develop their new knowledge and skills during coaching sessions.


AMS Coaching Philosophy:

The Coaching BIG FIVE:

  1. Contracting – covering commercial, psychological and “within the work itself” aspects.
  2. The GROW Model
  • Goal:       What is the specific outcome YOU want today?

How do WE know we have succeeded?

  1. Reality: Get the key FACTS out on the table!
  2. Options: What are the OPTIONS, and what are their costs, benefits, upsides, downsides and risks?

Will: What will YOU DO? What is YOUR Action Plan? What is

your WILL to do this?

  1. Listening – Listen to UNDERSTAND!
  2. Questioning – OPEN & CLOSED Questions

DIFFERENT questions for different tasks


Follow the INTEREST



  1. Non-directive – Pulling out the thoughts, capabilities, potential, plans

and inspiration from the client.

Following an action plan from instructor-led courses, we take it to the floor with a partnership with the delegate to facilitate discovery and implementation.



The Personal Benefits of Coaching

The personal benefits of coaching are as wide-ranging as the individuals involved. A series of studies reported on the positive career impact coaching  notwithstanding improvement on coaches general life quality & satisfaction:

  • Establishing and taking action towards achieving goals
  • Becoming more self-reliant
  • Gaining more job and life satisfaction
  • Increasing effective team & organizational contributions
  • Taking higher responsibility and accountability for one’s actions and commitments
  • Improve collaboration across all work organisational levels.
  • Improve communication effectivity.




AMS drives the personal Coaching ROI by targeting:

Providing an opportunity to define career goals realistically, we assist in setting these goals and then actively support the client to work towards them. This process increases the probability that the goals are reached.

Coaching allows the client to learn more about themselves, how they are perceived in the work & personal life and develop areas of their personality while gaining higher self-satisfaction.

AMS coaches provide a safety bubble where individuals can let go and discuss sensitive issues without judgement or intimidation.

Coaching allows realizing possible blind spots clients are not aware off and work towards their alleviation.

Access to personalized skill improvement support is extremely precious to reach your development goals. AMS is there to coach clients to better their communication, conflict management, team building, delegation,  and persuasion.



The Organisational Benefits of Coaching:

The great benefit of coaching is that firms are very likely to see rapid, positive results. This result is because coaching is participative and people are inclined to learn and adopt new habits easily when they are actively engaged in a personalised learning process. At the conclusion of a coaching session, your organisation can implement a new practice directly.



Organizations benefit be contracting AMS’s coaching initiatives by:
More effectively contributing team members as they are more engaged with their teams and departments.

A wide development range for leadership positions resulting in higher self-confidence, work performance, relationships, more effective communications skills.

Meaning the Return on the Coaching Investment is short-term measurable. In line with results from PWC and the Associate Resource Center, AMS Coaching can achieve a seven fold return on the coaching investment.

Our coaching approach creates a fundamentally positive shift in your team’s approach to their work, empowers individuals and encourages them to take responsibility.

AMS’s activities help to identify and develop high potential employees as well as both organizational and individual strengths and development opportunities.

The accelerated learning & development creates autonomous problem solvers paramount for today’s agile organisations.

Following up training activities with targeted coaching drives productivity increases from 22.4% to 88% (Scoular, A., Financial Times Guide to Business Coaching, 2011) and positively impact on quality, improved customer service and reduced customer complaints and ultimately bottom-line profitability.

For a deep dive into executive coaching see:

The Executive Coaching Handbook: Principles and Guidelines for a Successful Coaching Partnership


Evidence-based Research on the Effectiveness of Coaching:

Recent studies demonstrated the value, efficacy, and impact of coaching in different environments. For more information, please read the following articles on the specific benefits of leadership coaching, and positive psychology.