When engaging with customers, AMS focus is on the successful development of front-line team members and managers in the after-sales and retail automotive sector, which is our key market segment. However, we also utilize our consultant and trainer network’s experience from other customer-centric sectors to stay ahead of the market.


We pride ourselves to secure long-term relationships built on delivering exceptional customer service levels ensuring we deliver on agreed improvement targets within time and cost constraints.

We understand our role as trainers is to assist you to achieve your individual and organizational goals. The team believes we can help you to reach your goals by concentrating on two areas;


  • Helping you to clarify your thinking and focus on specific work performance aspects and
  • Where identified, assist you to improve your techniques.


AMS considers our role as trainers and coaches to impart to you a framework of good ideas and to demonstrate to you a set of practical competencies you can apply the next workday.

To support this approach, we utilize trainer led facilitation, coaching and informal learning. AMS creates a fun learning culture by employing in-class games and competitions, video recorded role-play, reflective feedback and active debriefing ensures superior learning. Using real-life scenarios and examples safeguards participants engaged in their development process.

Our training focus targets

  1. Realistic goal setting and achievement
  2. Effective communication
  3. Outcome orientated planning and time management
  4. Conflict de-escalation and resolution.
  5. Stimulate participants and their teams to arrive at a positive mental attitude.
  6. Customer Centric Behaviour